From high school drop-out to Korean gaming superstar


In 2013 Indonesia jumped into the top slot and significantly increased the amount of attack traffic from the country, but it seemed to be a quarter anomaly.

Generous Indonesians donating their spare change to the poor and needy are unwittingly helping finance deadly terror attacks and jihadist training camps, in a scam that has netted big money for extremist groups.

‘We’re basically saying from the systems we’ve got out there, 43 per cent of the attacks we observe are coming from China,’ he says.

A typical “game academy” features a rows of teenagers or men in their 20s playing Overwatch or League of Legends, with a coach — usually a former pro — watching their performances and suggesting better moves.

With little outside funding, hardline Islamist groups depend on the charity box scam to pay for operations across Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation, which has suffered a series of hotel bombings and other attacks over the years.

Korea’s eSports scene is reminiscent of Germany’s soccer culture, with grassroot talents nurtured from a young age, some of them making their way to amateur leagues and, after years of competition and effort, professional teams.

‘You can imagine what happens, as soon as you enter your pin, all the money in the account, or your daily limit at least, is charged and you do not get your card back, or any money,’ Mr Manning wrote.

With the plane grounded, cabin crew asked passengers to return to the airport waiting room just before midnight.





‘Beware all!’ Tourists are being scammed in Bali after…

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Daily Mail Australia does not suggest this video is connected to that case.  

Is this what we’ll be wearing on the beach in summer?…

Passengers had boarded the Boeing 737 for a flight from Jakarta, Indonesia, to the island of Bali on October 2 but the initial take-off Info Slot gacor 77 hari ini was missed due to ‘technical issues’ which meant the plane arrived late.

Nowadays teenagers hoping to become professional players — or popular among their game-crazed peers — flock to a growing number of private, after-hours schools coaching them how to play video games better.1 day ago


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