Best Yoga Tips to Remain Healthy This Monsoon


When you run 30-40 movements to each side effectively stimulates motility of the gallbladder. Aim: A strongly increases the “high” light (stimulation of the liver, pancreas, stomach, duodenum).

Stretches the diaphragm. On exhalation, curl, inhale-exhale fixation with breath back to the center, we carry out in another direction. With increased acidity perform minimally. If you experience the technique of strong unpleasant burning to do some time (1-3 weeks), then perform this practice in a minimum volume.


Objective: To gain settings on the sensations in his stomach. And scroll down – exhaling, lift – inhale. Contraindications: Acute gastritis, duodenitis and more serious diseases of the stomach and duodenum, and acute pancreatitis. Scrolling from one tribe to another.

Objective: Stimulation of the gut – it improves peristalsis and nutrient absorption. Try not to shorten the distance between the ribs and pelvis, shoulders do not turn up.

If possible, one delay of 9 reps from left to right – a short central fixation, the same right to left – the central fixation. On the next start in the opposite direction. Exhale, make a triple lock.

However, Yoga for weight loss will be effective only if combined with a proper diet.

So don’t forget to eliminate the junk food and carbonated drinks from your diet! Do it regularly with dedication and do not break your yoga routine.

The monsoon season is about to approach soon, and yes it will surely bring in loads and loads of rain with a suitable environment for a bacterial and viral growth spurt.

One cannot avoid the season and its dilemmas, but you can certainly act towards avoiding any disease affecting you during this season. The most common disease you will face is a cough and cold.

Cure disease related to different organs of your body.

Keep laziness away.

Improves biological functions and synchronization between the organs of our body.

Pranayama benefits

Improve your immune system.

Improve memory and concentration.

Make your mind peaceful.

Increase determination power and will power.

Reduce anger, sorrow and frustration.

Improve breathing pattern and oxygen level in your body.

Pull your sexual power upward and because of that our analytical and creative capability improves.

Make you more aware of the present movement.

Reduce stress and anxiety.

Prepare your mind for meditation.

Reduce the requirement of sleep.

Your nervous system become more relaxes.

Regulate blood pressure and lower the risk of Heart disease.

Open and clean the energy of all seven Energy chakras in your body.

Improve overall fitness of your body.

Better control on your emotions and feelings.

These are just tip of the ice berg there are several benefits of Pranayama which you can only feel when you personally do it on regular basis.

Improve your focus towards your work and goal.

Make you oriented towards spirituality.

Practicing yoga not only helps in toning your body, improving the physical and mental well being, but also helps in fat loss too!

People perform several Yoga exercises with a prime motive to prevent sore muscles and to relieve chronic aches and pains.

It involves some sort of stretching postures which improve joint mobility. After performing a bout of yoga poses your body will feel a high level of relaxation.

Belly fat will be super stubborn to induce eliminate and stress tends to create your body suspend on to that.

I even have in-person found that a spread of exercises will assist you target and cut back belly fat. I hope that you simply get pleasure from these yoga poses that are designed to focus on stubborn fat around your abdomen.

It is a breathing exercise which improves the rate of oxygen supply to the cells and also helps to balance the Tridosha of the body.

Anulom Vilom is beneficial for immunity; it cures anxiety, depression and improves the efficiency of lungs.

you wish to lie flat on your back along with your knees and feet one foot apart. Another nice belly fat burning also as strengthening exercises is that the bridge pose. Have your arms placed on your sides before you elevate your hips off the ground feat your head, feet, and kapala bharathi shoulders on the bottom.

you wish to carry this position for a minimum of five to ten seconds and repeat the kapalbhati method ten to fifteen times.

INVESTIGATIONS:- Thyroid profile-TSH levels are usually high which is released by the pituitary gland to compensate the reduced T3 and how to do kapalbhati T4 hormones secreted by the thyroid gland.However these tests will confirm hypothyroidism Antibody screening:-Antithyroid antibody and Thyroid scan are done to confirm hashimoto thyroiditis MANAGEMENT OF HASHIMOTO THYROIDITIS Hypothyroidism caused by hashimoto thyroiditis is treated with thyroid hormone replacement therapy such as levothyroxine,triiodothyronine etc.

AYURVEDIC VIEW OF HASHIMOTO THYROIDITIS CAUSES:- Improper lifestyle and sedentary life style Intake of food which are incompatible. Properly diagnosed hypothyroidism can be treated with thyroid hormone replacement therapy.Untreated hypothyroism leads to cardiomegaly,collection of fluid around the lungs(plural effusion) and of the heart(pericardial effusion). Lack of physical exercise Genetics. Excess intake of dairy products.


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