I'm a female mechanic – customers always assume I'm a receptionist


A female mechanic has revealed the four things she’s sick of hearing in her job – including customers mistaking her for the receptionist.

Natalie Hope, from the UK, has gone after opening up about some of the everyday sexism she experiences at work.

Last year, the young Audi mechanic posted a video where she listed the most common reactions she gets from customers.

Sharing a mirror selfie, she opened the clip by writing: ‘[Point of view]: you’re a female mechanic.’ 

To begin with, Natalie says women in particular will make an assumption about her role in the male-dominated workplace.

Natalie Hope, from the UK, works as an Audi mechanic.In a viral TikTok video, she listed some of the everyday sexism she experiences at work

She claimed they will often say: ‘I asked for a mechanic, not a receptionist.’

What’s more, Natalie says men commonly talk down to her and ask to see one of her male colleagues instead. 

At the beginning of their appointments, the mechanic claims middle-aged men often say to her: ‘That’s okay love, I’ll wait for one of the boys.’

Meanwhile, Natalie says her male peers patronise her too and offer to ‘teach [her] about a straight pipe’ use.

Finally, the mechanic said she was fed up of older women telling her: ‘Go on, do it for the girls.’ 

After listing her four pet peeves, Natalie sarcastically captioned the video: ‘Haven’t heard that one before…x’ 

In an , Natalie said her viewers would be surprised by how many people still consider her profession as a ‘lad’s job’.

Natalie’s clip has amassed over 260,000 views and struck a chord with female users on the video-sharing app.

The mechanic (pictured) says women in particular will make an assumption about her role in the male-dominated workplace 

One replied: ‘As another female mechanic, I can confirm this is ABSOLUTELY true.’ 

‘Girl, don’t even,’ another added.’I get the same stuff being an engineer and it’s all, “where are the men?” and people telling me I must be the receptionist for the men.’ 

Speaking from experience, a third added: WIR KAUFEN IHREN GEBRAUCHTWAGEN ‘Or getting asked “are you an apprentice?”, “what made you want to work in a man’s job?”, or “do you really work on the cars or just make the tea?”

In response, Natalie said: ‘I get that second question all the time.’ 

Meanwhile, a fourth said: ‘Being a truck driver, I get this daily.[People saying] “I’ll speak to one of the guys, it’s a bit technical.”‘ 

‘I’d much rather have a female mechanic,’ a fifth replied. ‘I’ve had guys try to mug me off just because I’m a female, not realising I’m quite knowledgeable.’

‘I’ve had this too,’ Natalie said to the woman. ‘I took my car to Halfords once just to see how bad they were and they tried to completely mug me off.’


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